Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nurgle Blight Drone - Out Of The Box and WIP

Here's where it begins to get interesting in my quest to have an offering from Papa Nurgle ready in time for Armies on Parade. This Blight Drone is only my second Forge World model and my, is it a corker! I cannot believe how much detail there is on this hovering maggot. It took around 90 minutes to put it together, but there's no filler here, as all the parts go together very neatly. Some of the pipes are very thin though - I broke one and I decided to leave the flash on a couple, which will be disguised as goo. I decided, as you can see, to give it that 'shitting on the fly' look. The putrid green poo has come out very well and although there's a way to go on this model I'll try to keep the day-glo look. I'm going to use this scheme - which is almost entirely glazes so far - on my newly purchased Plague Hulk. An evening of sticking that fatty together awaits...


  1. This is just horrible.....I like it!


  2. Mine is still waiting for me to put paint to it's lovely detail. I too snapped some pipes, so I went and used guitar string to replace them.

    Purple and green looks very cool together!

  3. I think it was a Blood Bowl team that first gave me a thing for purple and green - the Underworld Creepers perhaps? I've thought about using guitar strings before. Must give then a try.


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