Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Whatever Happened To The Marienburg Gazette? Or, The Obligatory 'I Aten't Dead' Post

Recently the Gazette made the move to a shared-home scheme in Cardiff and Oxford. This has led to a temporary halt in the production of hobby-related ramblings. 

Readers are assured that this was not the result of some dramatic life event, but due to the decision of the owner to send himself to boarding school (a sensible decision for a father of two young children), where he is pursuing a second doctorate in an attempt to make himself so over-qualified he will never be employable in any sensible context. Ever.

In an effort to become an 'ultra' of 'uber' geek, the more-than-adequately-qualified proprietor has decided to match his PhD in Sociology with a DPhil in Cyber Security. Friends and family were unable to comment as they were too busy holding their heads in their hands and sighing.

When questioned about the hobby hiatus, the so-called 'Davey' simply stated "I aten't dead", in what is believed to be an attempt at geek humour related to the Discworld series of fantasy novels. He then waved his hands vaguely and mumbled something about trying to work out a better "life-hobby balance" and some kind of return in the next few days. 
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