Friday, 13 January 2012

Warhammer Giant - Stage Two WIP

Progress for monster January has been (appropriately) lumbering rather than (unbefittingly) swift this week. Unfortunately, painting with multiple thin layers is time consuming and doesn't lend itself to a series of beautiful WIP photographs. But here they are anyway, along with some thoughts on the painting process in general.

I'm very pleased with with how the wood on his club is coming along - I used a Gretchin Green base, followed by a number of brown and red/brown washes, then the Model Color Brown Glaze
Above is the detail that I worked on last night during a quickly grabbed session. There are several greens layered up here so far, beginning with a Thraka Green wash over a Bleached Bone base coat. By the way, I know that it looks like he's got shit by his elbow. This is some new paint that I'm experimenting with from the Vallejo Model Color series called 'Smoke'. With a little water it makes an interesting sort of heavy wash - I've not really got my head around how the pigment works just yet although it's looking promising (if a bit faecal in places...).

Does my bum look big in this?

This rear-end shot really illustrates the unsatisfactory messiness of the thin coat WIP photograph! However, I'm encouraged by some of the early signs of shading that are coming through here and I'm very tempted to spend all of next week working on adding the layers of skin tone. BUT I'm actually going to head back to the Jabberslythe for a while because I fear he's feeling neglected.

New paints make me happy
Finally, here are some of my new products. Unless I get them as gifts or have vouchers to spend, I really won't be getting any miniatures for some time. So I'll be sating my consumerist urges on paint - much cheaper and necessary for wading through the tons (well kilograms) that constitute my sprue mountain. If the Citadel paints do change in the Spring, as has been rumoured, I do hope that they end up a little closer to either the Vallejo or P3 ranges - otherwise I'll just buy those along with the odd replacement wash or foundation (the only consistently good/useful GW paints for my purposes).

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