Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Games Workshop's New Series Of Hobby Videos Are Really Rather Good

I really do not like the GW house-style of painting. It's just not my thing: too bright and spangly on the whole, often verging on the utterly uninspiring to a degree that puts me off new offerings. I can understand why Oldhammerers looking at the website would be additionally put off recent releases.

However, the new GW hobby videos are rather good. An amiable host with a friendly manner helps make them easily digestible. They also offer viewers plenty of close up views of new models from many angles. Yes, they are pretty much 'how to paint them as on the box', but it's good to see GW providing a good line in genuine hobby support once again and I hope that they continue to add to this line of step-by-steps guides. The advice on how to glue an Imperial Knight was really instructive, even to an old fart like me!

Here's Militarum Tempestus: Painting a Tempestor Scion (Part 1 of 2).


  1. Though I'm on the oldhammer side of the hobby I have to say I did enjoy the knight videos which are very well made for their purpose. simple and straightforward but effective.

    1. Yes I agree. Given how pricey that kit is it's good to see the company offering clear support on how to put it together, particularly for younger and/or less experienced modellers.

  2. I do believe I'm getting to the Oldhammer side of things now, as well. I like these videos for the simple fact that they remind me of reading 'eavy Metal articles in WD. That's how I got started with more daring painting, copying what I saw there (or rather, attempting to copy).


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