Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Getting Started In The Age Of Sigmar: New Models

Obviously new models and armies aren't necessary at the current time due to the warscrolls, but will that stop me? Of course not.

First off I am inclined to get the starter box. The Stormcast Eternals are unlike anything else in my collection and I've never done any fantasy Khorne. That makes them good projects to get stuck into and I'd like to have something geared up for the new system from the off. 

It's tempting to go for the tradional colours for Khorne, although I would go for deeper flesh tones and limit the red. For the Stormcast Eternals, however, I have no clue where to begin, as they truly are a mystery. Perhaps the background book in the box set will provide guidance. Of course I could be inventive but I'd like to know at least something about them first. 

Like most people I have this guy:

I'm waiting for the full set before putting him together. Looking at the art I wonder if this might be an opportunity to play with non-metallic metals. The brown, through yellows, to white might look good, and it's a new challenge.

On the whole it's impossible to know where the new models are heading in terms of fluff, looks, army builds... anything! Time to take slow steps while the details of the nine realms are revealed. 

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