Monday, 13 April 2015

Is Marienburg Gone?

I've been busy lately and blogging has fallen victim of this. Oh well. Now I'm back.

But what's this? It seems that in my absence Marienburg - along with the rest of the Old World - has been destroyed by Chaos. Oops.

Although some of the larger models in the range look stupidly gorgeous - others simply stupid - the End Times thing in fantasy has rather passed me by. I'll have to catch up with the story at some point. Yes, I have seen all the endless chatter on social media, and I've even clicked through to look at some of the comments by older gamers lamenting the end of everything they hold dear. I'm not sure why they're complaining as most of them don't buy new models or play current rules anyway.

3rd edition lives on chaps.

I though, am quite interested in what 9th edition holds in store. A skirmish game with round bases would suit my collecting, painting and gaming habits very well. Either way, I am waiting for the new beginning with more of a sense of possibility than many other old farts.

I'll keep the Marienburg name for now... even though I seem to be publishing in exile...


  1. Marienburg belongs to you now.

  2. "That is not dead which can eternal lie...
    And with strange aeons even death may die..."

    I don't know what all the fuss is about to be honest. Just because that particular setting is wrapped up doesn't make your books go away.

    It's like when White Wolf ended the original World of Darkness rpg setting. Fans all over the world dumped/sold their collections "because it was over".

    There will always be stories to tell and games to play in any setting. I for one am looking forward to 9th, I do enjoy playing 8th an awful lot. But I really enjoy skirmish games and it's been quite some time since GW has put out a decent skirmish system.

    1. I can't ever imagine not wanting to play WFRP. For me, that was where the setting came alive the most, It's just finding people who want to play it these days...

      I too anticipate 9th and some skirmish rules, especially as I've recently been introduced to Songs of Blades and Heroes, which is a nifty little set of skirmish rules, if quite generic and vanilla.

    2. Song of Blades is quite fun, a friend and I had a few test games a few months back, but my friend didn't feel it was quite right. I went on a bit of search recently for other alternative wargame and skirmish rules.
      In fact today I was reading my pdf copy of a skirmish game called Open Combat, it looks interesting thus far through the book. Like Song of Blades you can build warbands, but instead of random activation, you get to activate each member once per turn for 2 actions, but if you fail at a task the turn passes to your opponent (much like turn over in Bloodbowl). I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin.

  3. Marienburg belongs to all of us who survived the sackings. I've been blogging about playing Mordheim campaign in the City of Islands & Bridges for over 5 years! The city has been destroyed five times previously so the sacking of our favourite port metropolis at the hands of Nurgles chosen champion triplets in End Times is not that big a deal. Cities rise and fall. Ok it is a big deal but like you point out for many hobbyists the latest developments bear little or no relevance, depending on which edition you are "stuck in". Times of Legend have always been more appealing for friendly vereran gaming groups to explore than wasting time & income on frontline military battles set in the current day. We continue to enjoy playing skirmishes set across the rich history of the port-city's timeline, a deluxe copy of which can be found over at Liber Malefic. Enjoy what's left of it!


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