Thursday, 12 December 2013

Picking My Bones, Or, Putting In My Reaper Kickstarter Pledge

The time arrived a few days ago to lock in my pledge for Bones 2, which led to plenty of chin scratching (and not because I'm particularly hirsute at the moment). I always knew I was in it for the monsters, so here are the beasties I went for:

Not a hard option this one as I loved it at first sight. I suppose that when I get my Marienburgers up and running again - and I do have some plans - that this could stand in for something. Or it could just be a massive squid with some made up rules. It could also slip into my Slaaneshi army. "Squids in" either way... (sorry).

This Cthulhu-style nasty is just plain stupid fun. I'll probably Nurgle him up in some way.

And this is the dragon I went for, simply because he was different to most things around at the moment and he's got that old school style thing going on - I think he's very Realm of Chaos appropriate.

So there you have it. A gentle easing back in hobby-town for me. I'm in Wave 2, so I believe I'll be getting these monstrosities some time next September. It's always nice to have something to look forward to, isn't it?


  1. I think I got Wave 2 as well.... I went for the Dragon Narthax (As I shamefully do not own a regular dragon miniature!), Mashaaf like yourself and I am umming over adding on the giant Squid as it looks so dynamic.....

    1. I actually think the squid is potentially the best model of the whole release and I hope it actually lives up to that status! Aside from that, it's a great opportunity to fill a dragon-shaped hole :-)


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