Saturday, 22 December 2012

Darklands (BaneBeasts) Minotaurs - Out Of The Box

I've finally got my hands on part of an order from the now-sunk Maelstrom Games. These are the minotaur lord and standard bearer. I've been anticipating these because the plan is that they'll be central to my beastmen army. 

The standard of the resin on these guys is pretty good although they're not without a few problems. The standard bearer body and head is very crisp and detailed but the standard has a great deal of flashing - so much so that it verges on a mis-cast in a few prominent places.

The lord is much better. There is a major flaw though, as the above photo illustrates. The shaft of his great weapon is extremely flimsy and I managed to snap it simply getting out of the packaging - and I assure you I have a soft touch!

Here they are in a size comparison shot with one of the Scibor minotaurs. The Darklands offerings are noticeably shorter, which makes me wonder whether they could be fielded in the same unit. Perhaps with a similar paint job and scenic bases they'll blend in? We'll see. 

Above you can see that it was simple enough to replace the broken shaft with a plastic one from the standard in the GW Gor set. Overall I'm pleased with these guys but there is a bit of a dampener on things due to their marginally smaller scale when compared to the Scibor models. They're still great miniatures. 


  1. I wouldn't worry about the sizes: real people are different heights and builds.

    1. It's just they'll fill hero and lord slots, and with the beastmen I'm inclined to think a 'might is right' philosophy would rule. I think I'll embed them in units of gors so they should work fine.

  2. They are a bit smaller than the scybor ones , but in my opinion (I have those Minotaurs too) the sculpts are a LOT better and finer than the scybor minotaurs.
    So go ahead with them !
    And if you want a cool gorgon use the Galagaak model from that Darklands range , its like 1 million times cooler than the GW one.

    1. They're certainly great sculpts.

      I do like the Galagaak, but I actually love the GW Ghorgon. I do have a Kermorannac on the way (hopefully!)


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