Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Empire General - First Look

As the year draws to a close and parental responsibilities are on the up, hobby time is at a premium. I'd like to finish 2011 with a flourish, though, and in a manner that I'd like to continue into 2012, by finishing a highly detailed centrepiece model in about two weeks. 

This mini project will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will provide me with the perfect opportunity to 'go to town' with all the techniques that I've been dabbling with over the past few months. In this spirit, it will give me something truly aspirational to look back on and push me forwards with all the projects that I've got planned for next year. Secondly, it will be a unique Christmas present - lovely for the person set to receive it, but also providing a good deadline for me!

The model I've chosen is the mounted Empire general. I've done a small amount of kit-bashing, adding the banner from the state troopers set, in order to lend the piece a great appearance for the display cabinet. The planned recipient isn't a gamer, so this will need to standout from the shelf and never have to worry about gracing the tabletop. The next step will be to decide on a colour scheme. No plans as of yet, but it will be something different to the Marienburg colours I'm using for my own army - Middenland possibly?  

Also, I know that the photo quality here isn't that great, so I'm going to use this small project as an opportunity to generally improve my skills at miniature photography.

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